Keep Your Chimney Covered

bird nesting on roof

Along with cleaning, Able Wood & Gas provides preventative care for your chimney by installing rain and animal covers or caps. These covers keep out moisture that could cause your chimney’s masonry to deteriorate over time. The covers also keep out unwanted pests that could build a home in your chimney, clogging the flue or leaving debris. Animals can also carry diseases and parasites like lice, fleas and ringworm. If you already have an animal infestation problem, don’t worry, Able Wood & Gas can remove your unwanted guest and clean the chimney of any nests.

Most common animal removals include:

  • Birds
  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels

As for rain and animal covers, these help prevent:

  • Wind Backing Up Into the Home
  • Moisture Erosion
  • Mould & Rust
  • Damage Caused by Rapid Freezing & Thawing

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